Apple Announces Fitness+ Virtual Workout Subscription

27.09.2020 Rimra Poster
At Apple's Time Flies event, the tech giant announced Fitness+, a virtual workout subscription. A Fitness+ subscription allows you to join in on new weekly workouts from an array of Apple devices.

Workout With Fitness+

Apple's new Fitness+ subscription lets you take workout classes with little to no equipment needed. When the service launches in late 2020, it'll offer ten different workout types, including yoga, dance, rowing, treadmill, cycling, and more.

Although Fitness+ is made for the Apple Watch, it's also compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. It uses the data from your Apple Watch to track your workouts, as well as display your activity rings while you workout. To motivate you even more, Fitness+ will display a burn bar that counts how many calories you've burned. It'll also show you how you compare with other people who've done the same exercise. When you're done with your workout, Apple will provide you with a list of recommended workouts and trainers. Fitness+ integrates with Apple Music, so you can jam out as you exercise. You can expect to pay $10/month or $80/year to gain access to Fitness+. The service will also be bundled as part of the Apple One subscription plan. And if you decide to splurge on a new Apple Watch, you'll automatically get three months of Fitness+ for free. In case you have family members wanting to borrow your Fitness+ subscription, you'll also be happy to hear that five other family members can share your account. Just keep in mind that upon release, Fitness+ will only be available in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland.

Will You Try Fitness+?

Companies like Peloton and Nike have already released virtual workout subscriptions, and now Apple is joining in on the fun. Fitness+ looks promising so far, as it makes it even easier to access and track workouts from Apple devices.

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